Welcome to Bluetick Brewery

Welcome to Bluetick Brewery, your ultimate source for the best handcrafted beer brews in Milwaukee!

Did you know that Milwaukee is the home of beer in the United States? This is the city that beer technically built and is in fact considered as the beer capital of the world. You see, this is where most well-known brewers such as Pabst, Miller, Blatz and Schlitz started and expanded their beer businesses. So if you want to experience the best beer in the whole wide world, finally finish your Tucson garage door repair and head off to Milwaukee.

What can you expect in Milwaukee?

  1. If you are a beer lover, you will love Milwaukee’s beer tours. Here you can hop from one brewery to another and enjoy their handcrafted brews. Each brewery company has its own signature brews. Expect to enjoy the taste of each brew that is definitely unique from one another. What’s more, as a beer connoisseur, you can discuss with fellow experts what makes each brew unique and determine which type of food goes with it.
  1. If you are more of a history lover, you will enjoy a stroll in Milwaukee’s beer quarter. Learn about the history of the city in the past 150 years, its German heritage, how it was built by beer, know the heads of each brewery company, how each beer brew was crafted, and more. Trust us, this is an interesting way to spend the day. What’s more, you get to taste the brews of each company as you hop from one brewery company to the next.
  1. If you are more of a tourist, go for the the bicycle tours to see the different city sites. In doing so, you will be seeing a lot of beer landmarks. You can also opt to go on bus tours or explore the city on foot with a beer on hand. For those who want to do the latter, the locals are quite friendly and will be happy to act as guides, if you will ask them quite pleasantly, of course.
  1. If you are more of a night person, go on a beer crawl. There are organized beer crawls in the city which are arranged according to the happy hours of each establishment. Get on one to maximize your stay in Milwaukee.
  1. But of course, the best way to enjoy the city is to go to Bluetick Brewery and enjoy your time there. Bluetick Brewery is one of the many micro-breweries in Milwaukee. They proudly exemplify their Milwaukee heritage and are happy to churn out unique, handcrafted brews that make them distinctive from all other pubs. They offer regular specials that you definitely have to try for their wonderful combinations of barley, hops and other special ingredients. Bluetick Brewery is known for being owned by a direct descendant of Milwaukee’s founding beer fathers, which is the reason why they keep the legacy of producing the best beers in the world.

With that, we wish you a happy day beer drinking in Milwaukee!