Ronnie G.

It is my first time in Milwaukee and Bluetick Brewery is one of the small breweries that we visited. They are amazing. They have the best beer that we have ever tasted. Indeed, Bluetick Brewery emphasizes what makes Milwaukee the birthplace of beer in the U.S.

Steph R.

I came to Milwaukee with my boyfriend. I am no beer expert but when I tried Bluetick Brewery, I was amazed. I tried one of their specials which is some type of fruit beer. It was so good. Now, I am raring to go back and try other beer flavors.

Maxwell D.

I have been going to Milwaukee for years now. But I this is the first time for me to have tried Bluetick Brewery. You see, I have always gone to the big breweries, always going to the big boys. Now, I have realized that the micro-breweries are the real gems of Milwaukee. I will always go back to Bluetick Brewery for a pint.

Stella M.

I have always liked the handcrafted brews of Bluetick Brewery. I have already tried everything. But I will always recommend their house beers are they are simply the best. I have never tried anything better than Bluetick Brewery beers. They are simply incomparable. If you want to try the very best, always go to Bluetick.

Sam L.

Bluetick Brewery is always my go-to place when it comes to handcrafted beers. You see, they are the cream when it comes to micro-breweries. They have all the best beers in Milwaukee.

Jack N.

When it comes to beers, I have always gone for the big boys. But I realized that it is the micro-brews that give Milwaukee its advantage. Bluetick Brewery is one of the best examples as they offer simply the very best in terms of taste and quality. Bluetick is simply great!